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1) What is an Acme-Matic Subscription?
Each coffee represents one subscription. An Acme-Matic Subscription is the most convenient way to enjoy fresh roasted coffee without the labor of ordering and waiting every time. Choose which coffee option you want, the price includes shipping. Avoid the "fear of running out". You are emailed and billed prior to shipping for only what is shipped. Your card and address are completely protected. Make changes at your leisure by signing in.

2) How do I create a Acme-Matic Subscription?
Create an Acme-Matic Subscription by selecting your desired coffee by the pound. Complete the form that follows with shipping address and desired payment method and you are in!

3) What if I want more coffee?
In an effort to make Acme-Matic simple to use you are redirected back to the Acme-Matic options page where you can choose additional subscriptions. Multiple subscriptions of coffee are easy! All of your information is encrypted behind your login. When we ship multiple pounds to California, Nevada or Oregon it costs us less so we pass that on to you!

4) What is Roaster's Choice?
Larry buys seasonal regional coffees. He will send you his current favorite single origin coffee. The profile (light, medium, dark) will be appropriate for that chosen coffee. This is for the adventurous and there are no substitutions. Keep an eye out for an email digest explaining what you are receiving. Check your Promo tab if you are a Gmail user and add to your contacts. Get ready for an education!

5) What happens after I subscribe?

Membership is easy and automated. The price you see includes all fees and shipping. When you join, we charge your card and begin preparing your fresh-roasted choice of coffee. Your coffee ships within five days. After your initial shipment, our monthly subscribers are then charged every four weeks until they cancel. If you become a bi-monthly subscriber you are charged every two weeks until you cancel. Using your login and password you have the freedom to expand or shrink quantities anytime.

6) How does Acme-Matic billing work?
Your Acme-Matic billing is managed and encrypted by Stripe. You will receive an emailed invoice from Stripe on behalf of Acme Coffee Roasting Company. If Stripe is unable to process your card you will receive an email prompting you for corrections. Stripe will attempt to charge you again in 24 hours, if unsuccessful on the third try, your subscription will be "unpaid" and a new card will be required. We simply require 24 hours for account changes to avoid any unnecessary confusion. Coffee is not shipped until payment is confirmed.

7) Will I receive Acme-Matic email?
Your Acme-Matic Subscription email may be used to contact you. This is how we will keep you apprised of changes we make to protocol, content or orders. We want you in the know but don’t ever want you to feel spammed. (Larry and Jaki don’t have time to spam you anyway!) Roaster's Choice subscribers will receive personal correspondence from Larry detailing their shipment. Please add to your contacts to make this possible.

8) How do I cancel my Acme-Matic subscription?
You may have login information. Cancel by logging into your subscription and pressing "CANCEL" next to your coffee choice. If you don't have login information simply email with the specific subscription you wish to cancel. We roast your order in preparation for shipment so it is imperative we have three (3) business days notice of cancellation. We will do our best to put the brakes on, but you may get one last shipment if you make changes inside that window.

9) What option may be best?
Once your coffee has shipped it is out of our hands. Be sure you have a good delivery situation for receiving your coffee. If it is stolen from your porch or returned to us due to undeliverable conditions, Acme-Matic may be a bad arrangement for you. The Buy Coffee page is available to you for bulk or singular orders. We ship these orders 3 times per week.
Acme-Matic coffees ship as whole beans. If you have a specific grind preference please use the Buy Beans store instead and add a note to your order at checkout.

Acme assumes no responsibility for orders or requests made after the three (3) business day ship/order deadline, until the next shipping cycle. Please don’t call after this time expecting exceptions.

Your credit card company recognizes these terms of use and will pay Acme Coffee Roasting Company.

10) I want to send coffee to military overseas.
Setup an Acme-Matic Subscription for your friends or loved ones in the military. It does not cost you one penny more when you enter an APO/FPO address! We complete all the necessary forms when your order arrives.
There is a format that makes the US Postal Service happy so please complete as follows:
Army/Air Post Office (APO)
PSC 3 BOX 4120
APO AE 09021
Fleet Post Office (FPO)
UNIT 100100 BOX 4120
FPO AP 96691
More info here at the USPS Wesbite