Current Single Varieties March 09, 2017 12:38

Rwanda, Dukunde Kawa Musasa Ruli

French roast-fully washed, medium body, citrus peel, toasted rice, peachy sweet, bright lingering finish

Java Mountain, Women's Cooperative Pangalengan Ciwidey

Medium Roast-fully washed, heavy body, smokey, baker's chocolate, savory. Java Mountain Coffee is a social enterprise which reinvests its profits in a Women's Empowerment Innovation Fund. For more information and to learn more about this coffee, please visit Royal Coffee's website at:

Congo, Kivu Hutwe

Medium Roast-fully washed, heavy body, peachy sweet, juicy, cocoa, citrus tang

Brasil, Fazenda, Yellow Bourbon, Pulped Natural

Light Roast-heavy body, bright, nutty, concord grape jelly (think PB&J), earthy